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Comment: Live frugal as part of the new American culture.

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Live frugal as part of the new American culture.

Dont live frugal because you expect the end of the world. Live frugal because you want to grow capital and protect the wealth of your family-- your parents will need your help in a few years. Save your money. Saving capital now will allow you to take risks in the future or shield your parents from a lost job. Learn a technical trade that pays more-- one that only requires 1 year of training for a certification, especially in healthcare, repair, or law (just an example: It is a regular way of life in Asia and in many poor countries to live at home until 30-35 (with limited dating). If you have a family member who remembers the old country (Europe) or if you have cousins, they will tell you the same story-- in the old days and in new wealth countries like in Asia, young people live at home until they have saved enough money to marry and buy property. We are a poorer country now and we must return to the culture of a poorer country. Shift your values: your savings is your hope. Your family is your foundation. Your skills give you security. If you have time enjoy your politics by disciplining yourself and participating in civil defense and political discourse. When enough Americans reach for these goals there can be a living, breathing America.