Comment: Always darkest before the dawn

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Always darkest before the dawn

Hang in there friend. I've been where you are now and even far worse. I've been broke, homeless and hopeless. I lived through it even sometime I thought I might not!

Nothing improves the spirit like new found hope. Hope that is based on reality is hard to come by these days for a young guy. Recognize 99% of what you see and hear on TV, radio or movies is designed to make you feel despondent. It is critical you turn it off! After a few weeks of ignoring the MSM, things will automatically improve even if nothing else changed in your life. It is all designed to kill your hope! Be thankful you are not living in Gaza where the young guys in your situation are programmed to martyr themselves. The same hope-killing principles are at work in this country, its just that we do not yet have a Isreali boogeyman next door to focus anger.

As far as jobs, girls and money, they are all over-rated. Job hunting is a drag no matter who you are but I can tell you from experience an educational pedigree means jack squat in most of the real world. I dropped out of college (broke!) and bounced around from career to career until I was 30. Moved furniture, swept floors, oil field, cattle ranch, retail, health care, shrimp boat, you name it. Learned a little from each one, some more than others.

The entire time I was bouncing around I recognized they all had things in common. At each place, the people who were the best at what they did all loved what they were doing. I finally bounced into something I loved (IT) and have been doing it now for 20 years.

On girls - I've heard it said "if I am poor then I can't find a girl". Thats pretty rich. And very wrong. Some of the biggest ladies men I've known over the years could barely pay the water bill and owned, at most, 3 decent shirts! And those cats were always smiling. The richest dude I know is on wife #3 (and probably girlfriend #50) and is in and out of the shrinks' office, miserable and can't find happiness. Those are the player types but the same is true for the monogamous guys who's idea of happiness if a good woman to hold, kids to raise and a good bird dog to hang out with on the weekends. Find what you love to do, and in the meantime, while you are looking, maybe you'll bump into a good woman.

Longest comment I've ever posted here but I sense a kinsman in need and wanted to pass along my little story in hope it helps. It will all work out. Get right with the Man upstairs. Read the Bible (KJV). Have faith!