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You do understand ....

That starting out at a young age with no experience you are not going to be rich right away, right? Teach for a while, get some seniority... maybe become a principle someday. Or teach for a while go back to school and get a masters or phd and teach at a university level.

Your 27. I'm 27. Neither of us will be rich for the time being.

Also, consider teaching English abroad. I am leaving for China in a few months to teach English. They are paying for my roundtrip flight, my apartment and bills that go along with the apartment, 2 meals a day m-f at the school. Beyond that I'll get an actual paycheck and a sign off bonus for finishing one school year. Basically if I live frugally (I'll probably travel a bit while I'm over there though) I am going to come home with $20,000 cash in my pocket. Think outside the box.