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Comment: Testing the waters

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Testing the waters

The administration is testing the waters on how the people will react. As someone mentioned below the most havoc will be caused by the registration process, ability to purchase (background checks)and added taxes.

Obamacare will have a centralized database -- mark my word -- the data will be used to cross check for "mental" illness. Mental illness was the buzz words said over and over again by our mainstream media (both sides of the isle) after Sandy Hook. It was relentlessly repeated that we must stop the mentally ill...we have to do something about the mentally ill. I'm not a doctor, but I never categorized autism as mentally ill, but the media kept associating the two. What else will be defined as mentally ill...a bout of depression after a loved one dies? ADHD? The list goes on. Who will define mental illness and who will have access to those records?