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Teachers don't get paid

Teachers don't get paid shit?
Your minimum wage job pays what? 14k - 15k per year?
Average teacher wages are around 50k.
Just starting out, you can accept 40k or so. You nearly JUST TRIPLED your income! Even 30k would be acceptable for a couple years until you have some experience and can find a job for 50k. Plus, you work 8am - 4pm every day and get the equivalent of like 4 months per year off. I would kill for 4 months off per year! If you translate 40k over 8 months to wages for a full year, you would be making 60k to start! That is GOOD money to start.

You don't need means or connections. Just apply everywhere you'd like to live. Take any teaching job you can get. Even teaching English in foreign countries like the other guy suggested would be awesome! You have an awesome experience, gain experience, earn some money, and be able to sag a job much easier when you return...

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