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Paying Forward

“What is the cost when all those lies are added up and known to be a sum total of falsehood?”

I think the cost may be insurmountable. The cost of the lies is reciprocal to the cost of the loss experienced by the victims. I spoke with Mark Twain earlier last week and arrived at another answer. Actually he gave the answer that made me think of your question. Here is the quote:

“That thinker, Josf, asked me one day to consider the consequences of all the lies…each and every lie stacked one upon one another. I think I have the answer now: “A century of lies, leads to another.”—Mark Twain, The Daily Paul, 2013.”

That discussion with Mark Twain helped me to see that not only is there a past cost of all the lies, but that those lies also pay themselves forward in preparation of another batch of lies. So perhaps the cost of all the lies is truly insurmountable.
“I had a breakthrough this morning concerning the bait and switch of taking out the word Power and in place of that accurate word there is instead a word used to confuse the victims.
Wealth is what - exactly?”

Are you saying that the word Power can replace the word wealth?

Wealth -= Power

Wealth = Might makes Right

The word “can” should be inserted. Because wealth or power can be used beneficially or equitably.

Thinking of Rothbard is it? Wealth must be scarce in order for wealth to be ascertained. The opposite of Joe’s law.

What was the breakthru?
“If I had a hammer: I'd hammer in the morning.”

I do not understand what those words are to mean. In the morning someone has more strength? They are fresh and ready for work?
“But if everyone had one of those immobilizing devices, at least as many people as already have Cell Phones, then who would be getting away with the crime of calling criminals with names like Missouri Milk Board?”

The cost of the lies paid forward is that there is a Missouri Milk Board and I assume that the Legal Criminals would also have an immobilizing device. I imagine if they did, they would have used it so as to not be accosted by those that are standing their ground calling crime exactly what crime is. But then, the milk farmer could have been ready to immobilize the criminals first. Perhaps there would be an immobilizing war of sorts. Perhaps that would put the criminals in their place…maybe they would quit trying. I thought of that because you gave me Lon Horiuchi’s name. I think one time you told me to look it up when I was trying to figure out who the criminals were. But I didn’t because I decided it would not be good to know the evil, since I was already having a hard time with what was done to Gaddafi. Well I looked it up this time…Ruby Ridge sniper. Then I started playing the immobilizing war in my head. The family on Ruby Ridge could have used something like that. Hmm, it looks like Lon had something to do with Waco too. I guess it would have been nice if the Davidians had an immobilization device too.

“When the thief wakes up, I'll have the whole event on Youtube, already, and if the criminals with badges send more criminals my way, then they get put to sleep too.”

It is on YouTube now. I wonder what can be done? I saw a comment by Paul_S. on that Milk thread: . & . He spoke of Common Law.

Since you have been studying Common Law, do you see it as something that could help that Milk farmer?

“If the criminals resort to nukes, or bunker buster bombs, or they gen Lon Horiuchi (or someone "better") to snipe me, or my wife, or our kids, then that happens that way, at least I'm armed with a peaceful, harmless, defensive weapon, instead of being duped and stupefied into abject belief in falsehood without question.”

I wonder if the threat of violent force would cause people not to use their immobilization devices?

I’m on page 122 out of 185 in bookwork. I am hoping to finish this week…actually hoping to finish before February. I would feel good about it if I make that goal. I shall not call it a deadline.