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Ron Paul will be speaking soon

Just wait a bit.

To the OP, try to look at the brighter side of life. I also go through ups and downs.

Go for a hike, go camping (yes I know it's winter, best time, no people) and just disconnect for a bit.

Destination unknown.

I guarantee you are brighter than 99% of most people. Unfortunately that is not only a gift but also a curse.

Try to relax, spend time with friends and family, keep stacking silver too. Do what you think you should do but don't dwell on why you should. Just do it.

Piss Poor Preparation leads to Piss Poor Results.

I'm a single dad (with PTSD) who has been raising a child on his own for 11 years now. I live on a single income and I always worry about my child's future. But the only thing to do is take life day by day and so long as your parents own a house or property and you follow your path you should be fine.

Check out the free lakota bank and keep stacking up silver for yourself and your kids when they do come. Keep in mind our ancestors made it through the great depression too.

Have a little faith. I know it's hard. Do what makes you feel better and try not to dwell on negativity.

My words will not have any relative impact on your life in the long run. You gotta find your own path. I'm sympathetic in any case and I hope you feel better soon.

It's a shock to wake up suddenly. But I've found I've woken up in layers. But I think a lot of people do that. You are in good company.

My best to you. I've found when life gets too serious I need to do something silly like watch adventuretime with my son to relax or get out of my comfort zone (when in dire straights) so that I have to face a fear, conquer it, and realize life, well, once you conquer each fear the stronger you become.

I know plenty of people in their 60's who keep having waking up periods and feeling very uneasy. It's the ebb and flow of life.