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BOOSTING time - Round II

BOOSTING time - Round II

5 random questions to count on just one hand of yours: Do you think you're alone craving Liberty be back? Do you think all of of America wants Obama phones? Do you think nobody under 21 would understand the debasing of your currency since 1913? Do you think nothing is happening "underground"? Do you think Dr. Ron Paul is actually "losing"?

If you answered "yes" to ANY of the above, give it another shot:

A Lesson in Improvisation:

(btw: ANYONE, just give this kid a microphone and a stadium, and FROM THAT POINT ON, my home will be YOURS as well, would you need, any time.)

Ron Paul meetups - aka the "underdog" (Yeah, right.)


the "top dogs" (Yeah, right.) :

Barack Obama meetups

Mitt Romney meetups


So... as they say where I come from:

"Haut les coeurs !"


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