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Comment: DIfferent generation - same deal though

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DIfferent generation - same deal though

That post was quite a journey. You need to blog this stuff. Develop a following. I would read you just to see what was happening in your world.

Posting a subject as broad and deep as this on any "contributer" site is like throwing a penny into a fountain. If nobody is around to see the splash of your "wish" penney all they see is another penny at the bottom of the fountain. You have a lot to say so why not collect it on a personal blog? You can always link an excerpt here to let us know you have something new.

That said, I'd like to comment on your story. I was drawn to the line where you say "I just want a better life." Yes. The catalyst of human advancement. We all know something is jacked up with the world. But nobody is going to fix it but us.

I come from a different generation but the things you say today are identical to what was on my mind when I was your age. I was pissed that things were upside down and especially pissed it didnt seem to bother everyone the same as it bothered me. Powerful people had different sets of rules than what was applied to guys like me? They fuck up and get a hand slap, while in identical circumstances, me or my poor ass buddies fuck up and we go to jail. Not fair.

Keep the faith and read a good book. Maintain balance in spite of the injustice of the world. Some day we will get the law back on the side of the righteous.