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Repeat after me

I am a free man. I choose my path and death is the one thing for sure. I do not fear death. I will make a better future for the comming generations. I will make it my purpose of life to awaken anyone and everyone. I will disengage from the false debt slave system as much as possible as soon as possible. I will be an example for all. For I know that when those hopeless souls awaken they will eventualy look for solutions. If your example of leaderless non violent enlightened disengagment is the path to freedom, others will follow. When a critical mass of humanity awaken and see the path to freedom is a simple decission the future generations will benifit and a better future for your time and effort spent will occur. Good luck my freind. stay positive and be not afraid to defend youself. I regret that I have but one life to give.

The most important thing is PMA, in life you get what you consistantly focus upon so use a positive mental attitude no matter the situation will benifit you and all those around you.
Gardening, solor, thermal, etc offgrid power, distil water. Start savomg files on your computer about canning and survival during the last depression.