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Comment: Snacks? Even better, I have PBR & Itunes

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Snacks? Even better, I have PBR & Itunes

Oh yeah and a healthy dose of insomnia lol

Well of course I am not calling you old! That would be ridiculous, your only 4 years older than me lol! Here is my take on what is happening in my life right now, all my friends are getting married. I really do not have a desire right now, and I am genuinely happy for them. They have all picked high quality people and my best friend’s new husband has become one of my best friends and I would trust him with my life, but I don’t understand this “love” thing. Here is how these conversations go.

Friend: I’m getting married!
Me: Congratulations!...... But, why?
Friend: (laughing because they all know I don’t get it) Because we are in love.
Me: How do you know you’re in love?
Friend: When you know you know.
Me: Yes, but HOW do you know?
Friend: Well, if you don’t know you’re not in love.
Me: But how do you know if you don’t know something because you don’t know what you’re supposed to know?
Friend: You’ll find somebody someday.
Me: I’m not looking for someone, I’m trying to understand this “love” thing!

Lol, I might be a lost cause there.

Moving on.

You said “Perhaps you're right. Maybe our limited human brains can't compute consciousness fully.”

I watched a documentary on black holes a while ago, and one of the guys had a very interesting perspective. He was saying, maybe we do not understand black holes right now because we are not evolved enough yet. We figure things out as we need to for survival. I mean, we figured out that whole shelter, food, and water thing pretty quick… if we hadn’t we would not have survived as a species. So, maybe we do not need to understand them yet (which pisses me off because I want to understand everything lol, one of my biggest sorrows in life is that I will never be able to read every single book ever written before I die no matter how much I perfect my speed reading skills). So, maybe along the same lines we are not ready to understand our own consciousness? What are your thoughts on that theory?

The thesis of the article is that the entire world is one religion. That makes sense. If you look at a lot of religions there are a lot of similar stories and beliefs. Maybe they all came from the same idea and spiraled from there. The article also says “everyone is god,” well… according to Christianity we were made in the God’s image… maybe as Gods. I could be a pretty cool goddess lol.