Comment: To be or not to be Wise men

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To be or not to be Wise men

To be or not to be

Wise men created a movie, The Wizard of Oz. Check it out. I, and you, went down the yellow brick road for 22 years to find out the wizard couldn't Be for us.

You only Live once. Self pity because the people we thought were are our friends weren't, will only waste time/Life.

Recognize you've been cheated fully and deeply and move on. The world is always completely and brutally fair. A man who walks up to a lion might get eaten. But don't be mad at the lion. Recognize that you were duped, and don't let yourself become a victim again.

There are more opportunities now than there ever have been, but they look different than they used to. Plenty of people are getting rich. But if you tell yourself you're a victim then it's over.

From the sounds of it, I've been exactly where you are. It sucks. But it can all change in an instant with the right frame of mind. Try to unlearn what you've learned. There is no work vs play. That only exists when you hand your brain over to someone who makes you do crap you hate and leaves you free time to play. When you control your mind, there's moving forward, and not moving forward.

Most people around you are probably like zombies. They watch TV go on the computer, and seek anything that will prevent them from thinking. They accept failure. They even tell you it's OK, in theory to help you.

Being a failure is not OK. Watching just 1 hour of TV because you hate your Life is Not OK. Set you mark and go towards it. There is nothing else.

Don't focus on the problems of the country when you can't fix your own problems. When you become a player, you will be able to play a meaningful role in the country. Take care of yourself first.