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Comment: This is an awesome thread

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This is an awesome thread

Love the personal stories.

Once a man I worked for told me about his early years, working for Thomas Edison as a child and later working on the Apollo projects with Bendix Corp as a machinist team lead. His name is on a plaque on the moon. He described how pivotal, world changing events actually transpired. He took great joy in telling me how often a non-PHD holding, working class Joe solved the big problems while the academics argued about theoretical doubts & perfection.

I love old people because they are our connection to the lessons learned. They can save us from making the same mistakes they did. If we listen.

In case anyone may know what happened to my old friend, the man I'm talking about is named Otto "Bob" Oswald. When I knew him in Bound Brook, New Jersey, circa 1991, he was 72 years old. I swear he looked 50. I loved that old dude and I miss him.