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You obviously aren't tied down. So move. Go where the money is.

You have to seek opportunity out, it will not find you when you are inert.

Oh, and lie, cheat and steal on your resume. Seriously, EVERYBODY lies on their resume nowadays.

Also, apply with companies that aren't posting any job opportunities. You are way more likely to get a job that way since they won't be inundated with thousands of resumes.

Gain your experience working for a smaller startup for less money than you'd like, gotta pay your dues.

My last job I applied for I did a phone interview. I am very assertive, so I basically told the employer what I wanted, when I could start, and then said "I'll give you a call when I'm an hour out of town".

There was a small pause, and then an "OK" on the other side. I basically told the employer I was hired and made the arrangements myself. Assertiveness is important.