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Comment: Things are not easy right now!

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Things are not easy right now!

But I know one guy that is 72 years old. He works in my building he is there every day from 10 am to 8pm doing maintenance and cleaning. Then when he is done working he walks up the street and starts his second job as what I can only describe as a janitor from 9 until 2 am at a laundromat.

Sometimes you think you are doing all you can and working hard believe me I've been there with that train of thought and then you see people that do that day in and day out that work 7 days a week and never go on vacation and it makes you wonder if you are really trying as hard as you could be.

Now let's say you didn't even get a second job lets say you decided you wanted to learn a new skill instead go to night school for some vocational training or something I know some courses at my local vocational are only about 500 bucks and are 3 times a week at night or early in the morning and are only one to two hours. How many of us are willing to sacrifice the little bit of time to really better ourselves?

I know how hard it is I want to party and I want to go out and I want to get drunk and have a blast but I restrain myself and try to do things that will help me out in the future as much as I can. I'm not a machine though and neither are you and we are going to fail and fuck up but as long as you stay optimistic, focused and can find a balance in your life and find happiness and be thankful for what you do have you will be allright.

This world is full illusions right now. There were plenty of kids with me when I was in college some are still there and I thought man there life seems great. They have all this money I thought it was from their parents; they're always traveling and life seems to be treating them well. Then I realized a lot of it was student debt fueled spending and their going to screwed for a very significant amount of time and alot of them are just trying to extend their time which will make the pain much worse by going to grad school and piling on more debt. I shit you not when I tell you one of these people is in grad school right now for gender studies all financed by student loans. She might be having a ball now but eventually the party is going to stop.

Stay positive stay focused remember that their are people that are much worse off and be thankful. Other than that just try to do you best in everything that you do. Best of luck.

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