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As I understand,

there are more left leaning people in Kentucky than politically right leaning. Many on the center-left vote Republican simply because Democratic party often fields in real socialists.

But if you read DP & the comments from DP posters, you would find that most current DP readers are against Rand Paul. You see, our folks are more agitated about conspiracy theories, Rothbardian anarchism, Rothschilds & bankers. They really do not understand how capitalism works and need sideline scapegoats. Bankers and Zionists are the usual scapegoats. Populism against bankers and Zionists worked hundred years ago and works today - under monarchy, capitalism, socialism, corporatism alike. People love it. When folks realized that Rand Paul is not against Israel (and Israel itself does not mind if USA stops its aid to ALL), their interest in Rand faded. Many cast their longing glances at Palestinian Amash now.