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Comment: For those that do not remember

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For those that do not remember

For those that do not remember Kenny Suitter and I were the two arrested at the St. Charles County Caucus.

You can see my arrest here:

There has not been any footage of Kenny's arrest until now. His camera and footage have been held in evidence since his arrest.

Kenny has finally obtained his camera and the footage contained on it. The video that was shot that day is in four segments and is uploaded without editing. Parts 1-3 are of the attempted hijacking of the caucus from a never before seen perspective. Part 4 has Kenny's arrest.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Kenny is still awaiting trial on trespassing charges.

Recently Kenny and I have discussed doing a radio show on current events. We have started an internet based talk show and intend on putting the show on the radio in the future. On this first episode we will talk about the caucus, the seizure of cheese at a Missouri dairy, and the fluoride issue.

Please tune in and give us a listen. Feel free to call in.