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Every time I hear the phrase

"it's for the children" I refer people to the goings on in Pennsylvania:

"Three former Luzerne judges, Mark Ciavarella, Michael Conahan and Michael Toole, are in federal prisons for a variety of corruption crimes. Mr. Ciavarella and Mr. Conahan were at the heart of the so-called kids-for-cash case for which they accepted a combined $2.8 million in payments from developer Robert Mericle during the construction of a new juvenile detention center."

Prisons for profit? Prisons for profit should be abolished. "So called" Kids for cash? I think $2.8 million and shuffling these judges off to prison is more than "so called." These judges are no better than drug pushers. And let's not forget, the US government was putting firearms in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels, while US banks were laundering their money.

Isolated incident or tip of the iceberg?