Comment: Gun laws are good and bad.

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Gun laws are good and bad.

You are allowed to own guns, rifles, semi automatic pistols, shotguns, etc., but they are relatively expensive in comparison to the USA (about 2 to 3 times as much). I think it may be related to prohibited sales of guns to Paraguay by other countries because I asked about importing my guns from the USA and they said it would be no problem. Registration is required if you want to move around with your gun, but if you keep it at home it isn't enforced. Police will never come into your home and try search for an unregistered gun. If you are in your car, it is considered your property and you are allowed to have a registered gun. Head of Police have publicly come out urging citizens to protect themselves. Criminal comes into your house, kill them, no questions asked. There is no movement against guns, people understand their benefits.

Rampant corruption here, so pretty much anything goes. The natural laws are really what matters here. People don't randomly kill people because their family members will come after you, that type of stuff.

Good place to live, but you literally get ZERO benefits from the government, but we also give them nearly nothing in return.