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You're not getting it right

Gold and silver are metals. They cannot be preservation for wealth as history so clearly has proven over and over again.

In order to expand the economy you'd have to generate enormous sums of gold and silver which history teaches us always fails. Especially when the money is a metal backed currency. This is where the term 'fractional reserve' comes from.

You didn't answer any of my questions. So obviously you haven't got a clue about the subject. I studied it for years and never met the 'experts' you refer to. They always evade these questions - like you did. You live in an economic lie and Jefferson knew it. Not all the founders said gold and silver should be legal tender. Yes, it's stated in the constitution. But Jefferson said the issuing power should be given BACK to the people. Now was this BEFORE or AFTER the constitution was written when using the word 'BACK' in his sentence??????? Hellooo??

You will lose it all - the experts wont come and help you out. The system will not be reset. The bankers will take all your belongings/assets before they implement fascism.

I suggest you study mathematically perfected economy before its to late. I will laugh at you americans when you go down. You can only blame yourself and your tremendous ignorance when it comes to history and money.

I suggest you get hold of some of your 'experts' right away and ask them these question. A system does not 'reset itself' without human intervention. What will that intervention be? Oh sorry for asking. You haven't got a clue. You refer to 'experts' who evade the questions lol