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Each of us is intitled to

our own opinion. I see nothing wrong with 1) [since Russia and Iran will balance the equation] and 3) [I do not want democrats veto all Ron Paul nomination if he were in power.] Kerry is not worse or better than Hillary or any other Obama's choice.

But where you are completly wrong is in 2). One can see, your education is from youtube clips and parroting others. US $16T debt is borrowed from others and not from the FED. 7% are owned by regular UK citizens via investment plans. Japan, Germany China have some T-bills. The rest is American people who also invested in USA T-bills. The FED charges interests only on money cash paper it lends to banks to accommodate cash withdrawals and on reserves. FED's NY "Discount Window" is for premium member banks only, not for government. Look at the FED budget - it is open to the public.