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No, but thanks for trying

Several people are studying together, and generally they are referencing a particular expert or another. The movement is growing, and when someone uses the law to defend themselves, I am curious which mentor they have listened to. I studied Tim Turner, until it became obvious to me that he was not legitimate. Still, others who used Tim's advice have had success using the law to defend themselves, so there was a baby in Tim's bathwater, it seems. I am doing my best to learn this stuff, and so I wonder what this guy studied. And anything worth dying for is worth living for, too. Some in the liberty movement seem a little too eager to die for the cause. If that moment comes for me, I will do my best to die honorably. But I am not itching to get things going, I still believe we can love our way out of this. Yes, seriously. It will take a miracle, but I believe miracles can be manifested if enough people will it to be.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.