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Comment: You have good reason to dread

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You have good reason to dread

The wheels are about to come off this bus at any second now.

And when they do this nation and the world will experience the greatest financial calamity in the history of the world.

The entire global fiat currency banking system 'trust' bubble is going to pop BY DESIGN.

For many decades now the paper and digital ' precious metals' markets have been totally manipulated. Unknowable exponentials of 'shares' of non-existent 'paper' and 'digital' 'silver' have been sold over these decades, exponentials that have been used to artificially suppress the value of the REAL PHYSICAL SILVER, and physical gold etc.

Here's why. Our government has been using the actual physical metal value(based solely on what the value of silver or gold would be without any non-existent non-phsical 'shares' to skew the actual supply and demand curves) TO PROP UP THE DOLLAR.

Prop up the dollar with one hand that is...But behind the scenes the government is BUYING UP ALL OF THE PHYSICAL at the rock bottom price that THEY CREATED with the phony paper shares.

One day soon the entire economy is going belly up, and the government will continue to hold down the price
as everyone becomes unemployed and one by one most of us will end up having to sell our metals to one of these 'we buy gold' stores.

Finally the day will come when the entire nation is good and broke, the government will walk away from or outlaw or whatever digital and paper silver, and they will own most of the actual and then they will let the fiat money system bubble pop.

When the dollar comes crashing down the true value of silver and gold will be once again allowed to 'emerge' and the people who sold their holdings will be completely devastated when they realize they have walked into this trap willingly, even eagerly following and trusting their political leaders.

When that day comes the war on patriots will begin in earnest, for then the WARPIGS will have the cold hard COINAGE to pay mercenaries to fight us.

No amount of preparation for this war can ever be TOO MUCH.