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To Me...

...Nugent exemplifies a phenomenon seen regularly amongst the purported 'liberty-movement' and purported 'gun-rights' advocates (which is wholly different from being a constitutionalist, fundamental-liberty advocate and/or an Amendment II advocate).

This phenomenon consists of some person, group or organization who talks about a general issue with 'authority', yet who often speaks a faux or flawed liberty/fundamental liberty message and usually has 'acted' contrary to their rhetoric....the old 'actions vs words' thingy.

The slack-jawed, the desperate, the adoring, those who 'need' someone to stand 'behind', the faithful and other varieties of herd-beast, well, they line up in droves, chanting support, gleefully spreading the gospel e.g. 'did you hear what Ol' Ted said', or 'did you hear what Ol' Rand said', or 'did you hear what then NRA did', all the while not realizing they are often supporting a flawed message/mantra and/or a flawed version of liberty.

As common as poop on the bottom of a bird cage and just as predictable.

And so it goes.