Comment: so whatever TF happened to goldman sachs' forecast gold

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so whatever TF happened to goldman sachs' forecast gold

dropping something like 500? seriously pathetic traders, as expected of those handed with mommy and poppy's new money aka tax payer every time they take a loss enough to go bankrupt

contrast that i just bought a 5 day call option 2 days ago with 1 grand because that's how sure i was that goldman sachs was wrong

seriously pathetic traders

US debt to reach 200% of its GDP, mean while China is rising again and recovering its growth pace, and this leads to goldman forecast a 500 drop in gold price

seriously pathetic traders

the only scenario where dollar remains king of the world is if everybody else were back in the stone ages like post WWII, you can sustain the shock of 1 or 2 strong countries like soviet with dollar taking strong fluctuation but not deemed unusable, but you can't do it when there are 5, 6 developed countries in the world.. that's what's causing currency fluctuations beyond anything central bank is really able to impact, why can't people see that.

when you have 2 super powers, each's currency holding value might halve, but when you have 5~6 economic power house, nothing regionally exclusive aka paper can stand because of the fierce competition, each economy being only responsible for a small fraction of global output.. which is what we have today.. people slow to realize is delaying this process longer than is necessary