Comment: I hate to rain on anybody's parade, but if the issue here is

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I hate to rain on anybody's parade, but if the issue here is

that having assault weapons, we will be on equal footing with the government should an armed revolution be in order - that is pure fantasy.

Has anybody seen the footage taken from assault helicopters in Afghanistan? Any poor fool on the ground who even LOOKS LIKE he might be carrying a weapon, is assumed to have an AK47 and is immediately mowed down with 50 caliber machine gun fire, as an insurgent. And if he ducks into a building, the building is immediately taken out by means of missile.

NOTHING we can buy, puts us on the same footing as the military. NOTHING evens our odds, even slightly.

Using the testimony given by this guy, we can see that the 2nd Amendment was meant to let us buy the weapons commonly used today. That would include attack helicopters etc. so that the government does not maintain an inherent superiority over us. THATS the gist of US being a "militia" - but that ability has been outlawed years ago.

An AK47 gives us an advantage IF we have armed civilian group against armed civilian group - much like the gangs that took over when the Soviet Union fell.

But don't in your wildest dreams, think that anything like an AK47 will do a thing to help us fight a tyranical government attack.