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Comment: Repost from a reply I made in 2009.

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Repost from a reply I made in 2009.

This was my reply to to the post linked below:

"This Guy Lyndon Larouche......"


Every time he comes up, I type all this out again...
Submitted by Kelldor on Sun, 07/12/2009 - 06:35.

LaRouche points out the problems well. His solutions are not compatible with our message. With that said, I think Ron Paul people should read his stuff, or the stuff of his people, once in a while. I once read an article at EIR (Executive Intelligence Review, a LaRouche site) called "U.S. Mortgage Crisis Can Trigger Collapse Of the Global Casino". It was powerful, and had graphs, chart, etc. I knew about the sub-prime deal WAY before anyone else I knew, because of that article. I called the housing collapse to my friends long before it happened. They called me crazy. Big deal. LaRouche was right.

He wants to take control over the Federal Reserve, nationalize it, and create a 2 tiered credit system of 2% to companies doing infrastructure work to rebuild the country, and 4% to everyone else. He is a huge FDR guy :/

Where he really gets it wrong, is mis-labeling "free-markets" and "free-trade". He HATES the British! He can't stand the British colonialism of the 19th Century, Good! That was the parent of today's globalization. (remember the CFR was spawned from the British RIIA). Those globalists popularized the term "free-trade". What we need to do is teach LaRouche people that what the Globalists advocate is really "WTO Centrally Managed Trade". That is not free-trade. Similarly, we need to teach LaRouche people that you can't have a "free-market economy" if you have a central bank dictating the interest rates and manipulating the money supply causing all of the inflation. That is a centrally managed economy, not a free-market economy.

LaRouche was in the Reagan admin pushing SDI (star wars), and the neo-cons HATED him for it, plus he kept the back channel open with the soviets, helping to avert WW3.

His people are more cult-like towards him than we are towards Ron Paul. He opposes Obama's Nazi health care reform. He HATES Obama!

If you are willing to look with an open mind and learn, there are some good things you can take from his movie "1932, A True History of the United States". Of course, I am not saying I agree with all of it, but I did learn a thing or 2 from this. It is narrated by the guy that played Chikotay from Star Trek Voyager too [Robert Beltran], lol. Anyways, It is really worth watching.

Here is the article I referenced above.

U.S. Mortgage Crisis Can Trigger Collapse Of the Global Casino

Here is his latest webcast. He starts off RIPPING on Obama's health care plan as Nazi Eugenics! HAHAHAHA!!!!

I'm not saying we all jump on his bandwagon or anything. I do not agree with some of his positions. I'm just saying he is worth paying attention to. I would say he is a "Protectionist". You can call him a socialist or a commie or whatever, but I think protectionist is most accurate. To him, Obama = Hitler.

EDIT: I am watching the webcast now. He is for putting those companies into bankruptcy, opposes the bailouts, opposes attempts to shut down the farms (food safety modernization act I think is what he is referring to). Ripping on Gov. Arnold. He's cracking jokes on Obama too, LOL! Now he's ripping on the oligarchical systems of Europe, and promoting the reasons for coming here to form a new nation. Promoting the Constitution, and opposing the Bank of England. Now he's saying get rid of the IMF, no more government borrowing from banks, use power of government to create the money and credit.


I'm listening to the webcast linked by Fishyculture above. Not much has changed. There's various threads here on the DP where we've talked about him in years past. Keep in mind that LaRouche has been saying "This President is in deep trouble" for years, yet he still got re-elected. I hope he's right. I haven't heard him mention a specific court case we can look up to verify this info though. I stand by my 2009 assertion that "I do not agree with some of his positions. I'm just saying he is worth paying attention to."

Thanks Fishyculture for the link.