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I said Major differences

None of your examples are major.
1. Calls for GOP to soften war/foreign policy stance

2.“our money sometimes clouds the sovereignty of Israel.” We surely don't want to be anti-Israel his approach seems reasonable.

3. The article you quoted is from 2009. This one is from 2012 and Rand is for a trail by jury for Gitmo detainees.

4. Rand explained this already in a note online to his supporters.
"I have noticed that many are confused by my vote for NDAA. Please allow me to explain.
First, we should be clear about what the bill is. NDAA is the yearly defense authorization bill. It’s primary function is to specify which programs can and can't be funded within the Pentagon and throughout the military. It is not the bill that spends the money—that comes later in an appropriations bill.
Because I think we should spend less, I will offer amendments to cut spending. I will likely vote against the final spending bill. This wasn't it.
This bill also isn’t about indefinite detention. This year's bill did not contain the authorization for indefinite detention."

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul