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Comment: I actually had to look up "crypto-commie". LOL!

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I actually had to look up "crypto-commie". LOL!

I actually had to look up "crypto-commie". LOL! Thanks! So he's secretly a communist? I know he's been accused of being a communist in the past. I can say he's definitely not a globalist. This is in-line with his admiration for FDR. FDR had terrible socialist policies which we in large part disagree with, but, he was not a new world order/one world government scumbag.

Talking to openly communist people inside a large and powerful labor union, they hate LaRouche as much as Paul. You may be right about him being a crypto-commie. He did call the sub-prime collapse before it happened though, just like Peter Schiff and others in our camp did.

Thx for expanding my vocabulary, FBI_Exposer Ω™, hehehe! That's awesome.