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Comment: For those who see this as a betrayal of promises

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For those who see this as a betrayal of promises

You haven't played the game. Look at the flip side to this..

Priebus has promised to betray the people who put those rules in place. If he follows through then they will work to unseat him. If he breaks his promise to the folks in Nevada (and the rest of us) then he knows the GOP will have a very hard time winning in 2014 and 2016 because he'll have several states worth of hard core activists working against him.

Short term you might see this as a sellout, but long term it will play out well for us. Priebus recognizes that we have the upper hand in the long term and he knows that if he and the GOP are to succeed then he will have to give in to us. We haven't gone away, and in fact we've gotten much stronger and organized since November.

Right now the best thing we can do is not allow the Nevada GOP to fall into shambles. If they can't raise money and can't get candidates elected then it gives ammo to people in other states to resist Liberty activists from gaining power in their state party.

Volunteer and donate to the Maine, Iowa, Nevada, and any other state party where Liberty supporters are gaining power and help make them not only strong enough to stand on their own, but strong enough to be a positive example and a threat to the establishment in other states.