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Where ever one goes, there one is

Being happy is something we all have to take personal responsibilty because it comes from within, not outside.

That being said.. I don't agree with you about the conspiracy posts. I have very little interest in conspiracy theory.. I believe conspiracy theory simply says, WE DO NOT KNOW THE WHOLE TRUTH AND AS LONG AS IT REMAINS THEORY WE WILL NOT KNOW THE WHOLE TRUTH.

If someone was to tell me, "How could you go to a loony site like DP with all that conspiracy theory junk?" I would simply respond, (because it is true), "There's so much more on DP than conspiracy, I didn't notice the conspiracy stuff. Why are you looking at conspiracy stuff?"

To me, that person has a closed mind, and I'm not interested in appeasing them to the censorship of many others.

As a GOP elected committee member, elected to an office, If someone on my committee was to say something about DP being a conspiracy blog, I wouldn't let it bother me. It's Jesus' judgement of me I concern about more than those who attempt to manipulate, and control, with condesending judgements.