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Comment: Make a list of all your blessings.

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Make a list of all your blessings.

Life is hard. Very hard, but you have all of your arms and legs, fingers and toes. You have your eyesight and hearing. You can taste orange juice and green beans and ham. You can run and jump. You know to have a job and show up faithfully every shift. You can read and write. You can check books out of your library. You are not in jail. You have family. You have a comfortable place to live. You have a bed and a pillow. You have clothes to wear. You have electricity and running water and hot water on demand. You have access to the internet. You have food to eat. You can enjoy the beauty that is all round you. You can shine in your own little corner of the world.

Is there anything you can do to earn money on the side? Can you tutor in any subject? Can you mow lawns? Can you learn how do valuable new things that will help you down the road? Can you come alongside of someone who can teach you how to do what he does?

Try to resist looking sideways at what a lot of other people have or appear to have, and concentrate on taking your very own accomplishments one step, one moment and day at a time. At the end of each day, think of what you have accomplished and how you are a tiny bit better off than you were the day before. Try to pack in as much as possible into each day so that you can have a larger measure of satisfaction than otherwise, as you lay you head on your pillow at night. See to it that you will be wiser, more knowledgeable, richer, and have better relationships with those who are important to you a year from now than what you have today.

Always remember that many people who seem to have it all are miserable down inside, and don't see any way out of their situations.