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Comment: From a Nevada National Delegate

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From a Nevada National Delegate

Understand, when Smack came on the scene in NV 2008, he was working w/the Ron Paul people. He was a RP person. He helped us get the rule changed for electing national delegates from the floor of the state convention. Then the lights were turned off. That summer, he ran for Congress. The RP people helped him. He lost. He was too unknown to be running for US Congress. Then, he ran for Vice Chair of the state party. The RP people supported him 100%. WE got him elected. He ran for National Committeeman at our 2012 state convention. Same story. The RP people got him elected. Then he started "supporting" Romney. He told me & others, to our faces that he didn't say "endorse Romney." He reassured us that he was ALWAYS in our corner. Now, he says this to us? What he doesn't seem to understand is that at our last state central committee meeting, the RP members dominated. How is he going to work with us, now that he's made his pact? He doesn't seem to understand that had he stood with Willis & then had the state gotten backhanded from Priebus, he could have gone to the press. He could have made a national name for himself, perhaps even gotten on the talking heads programs, wondering why the RNC was throwing Nevada to the wolves? People talk about representation, if this was Smack's game plan, why didn't he take it to a half dozen RP insiders who could be telling us, "Hold on, this is going to work out for the better." He didn't. The only insiders he's working with are the Priebus gang. The capper was his statement about the delegates who unbound. Now, he could say that he was forced to say something like that to make it look like he truly had thrown us under the bus, but I doubt it. I have to say, the RNC is totally lost on how to rebuild the party. It's truly pitiful.....