Comment: Why I find interesting to watch this slow mo:

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Why I find interesting to watch this slow mo:

Why I find interesting to watch this slow mo:

1. if only for visual knowledge, out of curiosity;

2. albeit their peculiar shape and type of supporting structure, the collapse may or may not have a significant angle throughout the entire fall (some had, others didn't);

3. for every one of them, the best guarantee to have their complete collapse happen with nothing standing was to defeat any and all of their supportive strength at their very base;

4. it seems without a stable base, none had a chance to stand still, eventually; there wasn't any failure of total collapse, precisely thanks to that, as I understand their fall.

My point, (just IMO):

assuming someone watches this without having ANY a priori knowledge nor view of what actually happens at the bases (say, because of biased angle of view/focus), it is more difficult to understand as a witness why exactly they do collapse entirely.

Left for one's own curiosity:

would the same observation and reasoning not apply, as well, if they have had a supporting core instead of a large width base?


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