Comment: What's that saying about power?

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What's that saying about power?

Oh, right, it corrupts.

What we witness here is not a snake in the grass with nefarious intentions double-crossing the rest of us and selling out on his principles. It is far more basic than that. This man ascended to a position of power. No doubt, his ascent was the restult of a great deal of personal effort and sacrifice; however, it was also accomplished on the backs of those who put him there with the trust that he would represent them.

I would be willing to bet that, in his mind, he is doing just that. Representing the people who put him there to represent them in the best way that HE knows how. Ah, there's the rub. I would be equally willing to bet that, in his conscience, he knows that his actions fly in the face of the vast majority of the people who helped him ascend so that might represent them. Hence his admission about how the Liberty Movement will feel about his actions.

That, my friends of liberty, is politics. This man, as a result of an earnest thought process, has determined that since he's been ordained he now knows better how to represent those who hired him to represent them. It's the same reason that oBOMBa probably was a champion of civil liberties until he had the opportunity to represent all of us, at which point the noble king must do what he believes is right... it's for our own good.

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