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So he did great until Romney?

Convince me that Ron Paul was running to win.

I voted Romney. I didn't vote FOR Romney. Last week at my committee meeting the Chair said, "I don't think any of us voted FOR Romney in the primary". TRUE. NONE OF US voted for him.

I voted Romney because I signed a loyalty oath. Romney was shoved down our throats and then.. the statement from his wife that Romney wasn't running to win.. well I think that was true. I think we have a system that needs to change, and to change it we have to stay in the game.

I don't believe Nevada has a loyalty oath.. but I don't know what the upper offices have..

Does anyone actually believe Rand wanted Romney over his Dad? I don't.

The name of the politcal game is staying in, and we get tested, tempted, manuvered all the time..

The RNC, is corrupt. Smart isn't being corrupted, he's telling you the truth, he's staying in the game, and while he may have lost your support, he has gained mine, and I will work to help him get other's support.

Willis ran to protest. Not only was his speaches weak at best, he totally FLOPPED, let a lot of people who HOPED and helped him down. Willis is the one who should be raked over the coals for being a fraud. Smack is telling you, and us, his TRUTH, and that's more than what Willis did.

I'm sorry you are burnt on the GOP.. Thank you for all you did. I wish you the best of luck as an Indy or Third Party, knowing, you will get nowhere. I was there for 33 years.. worked very hard. Where's the Libertarian Party today? Nominating Republicans willing to don a GOP pin because they have NO way to win a GOP nomination.

I think Priebus is aware what he's up against. What has he won? A party that has Ron Paul Republicans that he can't shake despite broken bones, rules changes, and shenannigans to make a criminal blush.

The message to Priebus might as well be, BE CAREFUL FOR WHAT YOU WISH FOR, eh?