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We show your note on our tours. - Zimbabwe Minister of Truth

Dear JixMainstream, DailyPaul Member ____________ Jan 30, 2013

Reports of our demise are an exaggeration. Thank you for giving us hope.

We are running a new tourist promotion here in our beloved land, thanks to you! As reported widely, our Zimbabwe Dollar has collapsed. Our spendthrift ways have brought our national accounts down to what, here-to-fore, we thought to be despair. Default. We have but $217 dollars of international [paper] money in our Treasury. We had lost all hope of trading with our friends beyond our borders.

Upon receiving your diplomatic pouch, we deciphered your cryptic note. We double checked your calculation with our abacus. We realized there was still hope. Before all was lost, we immediately stopped our spendthrift ways! Now, with renewed spirit & vigor we have decided to take our country off the auction block. As you calculated, our zero debt gives us honor with distinction:

    Zimbabwe: The richest Nation on Earth. Free of debt.
    $217 > -$17 Trillion USA

We sent our staff outside with shovels to bring back $217 of silver from our mines. From study of your country's monetary history, we learned how to print 100% redeemable Silver Certificates. We will be the only country in the world with our monetary base 100% backed by silver. We are engraving the printer plates now. Here are some of our unaccounted Barbaric relics: Zimbabwe Silver & Gold Mining Photographs

Thank you kindly to sustaining our faith in our time of need. Regards to you & your fellow United States citizens. Please come visit our country this Spring. It is so beautiful in bloom. We personally extend our invitation for a royal tour.

Zimbabwe. The richest Nation on Earth. Monetary system 100% backed by silver.



Zimbabwe Minister of Truth

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