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Comment: 60% of crap we worry about never happens.

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60% of crap we worry about never happens.

30% of crap we worry about there is stuff we can do to change it.

the last 10% there is nothing you can do ... so why worry at all.

Next ... depending where you live as a tree guy I have learned that $ grows on tree's. Youtube stump grinding follow someone around on a Saturday ...

Make flyers that say I will be doing stump grinding in your area on [6 weeks out] and I will do the stump in your yard for $150 or such ... then rent a machine on Saturday grind from sunrise to sunset next day do the clean ups and you should drop 1k plus in your pocket.

As long as there are rich people and the collapse has not happened there is $ that can be made.

Don't give up. I taught myself how to do tree's and such.

you can do it.

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