Comment: People need to quit falling

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People need to quit falling

for this BS, that China is this evil empire trying to take over America. The major player in this hoax is Trump, who every time he is interviewed, he takes a big swipe at the Chinese. This is all misdirection folks. The real culprits are the Fed, the Banksters, Corporations and our Government. The Chinese are buying the debt created and gaining the technology from our Corporations moving to China and having their people manufacture the products. When the products are brought to the US tax free from the WTO and GATT programs, it creates more debt as money is leaving the US monetary base and it creates a greater trade imbalance.
The Chinese are trying to build an industrial superpower like what made the US the world power, and slowly move away from the strict communist regime created by the US installed Mao regime. They are buying property in the US to get their value from all the electronic debt they have bought, before they get nothing when the dollar collapses. Many states have created too much debt to balance their budgets, and the Chinese use their debt to buy the mineral rich lands. I know several people who have direct dealings with the Chinese. One is a fairly large sole propriety pipeline bending company, that has some fairly large contracts with the Chinese. The owner loves dealing with the Chinese, because they don't like huge legalise BS contracts, only one or two pages stating what is going to be built, how long it will take, how much, and a handshake/head bow to confirm the deal. They pay promptly and well. As long as the job is done sufficiently to specs and without delay, which they really frown on, they continue to do business. If you screw them, they don't sue, they just walk away and never do business with you again, and take their business to your competition. Just imagine how America business would be without all the legalize BS, and honorable clientele.
And, for Chinese on the streets. When has China attacked anybody, about 1000yrs ago? They don't want war, they are just building a defense, much like the US formally did. If you see Chinese soldiers, they will only be here to protect their aquired interest, as they don't want any part of fighting the well armed American people. Ever read the history about why Japan didn't try to put troops on the ground in the US? They knew the armed Americans would quickly wipe them out. The Chinese would like to see us disarmed so we don't kill their people if SHTF, and have to try to defend them. Also, I don't believe all the BS of Russia and China's eventual plot to invade the US, that Skousen, JBS and the like right about. How exactly would this benefit them? They have been where we are going, and they would like to go where we have been!