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well, heard it right from the site owner himself; "... association, the rest of us as well....[look]...stupid and gullible"...

The hot topic on this forum these days is, from looking at mostly the thread titles...what makes us as a movement look "stupid and gullible"? That debate will undoubtedly rage on BECAUSE this movement is indeed a force for good that needs to be kept incredulous by the "elite" and ALL their gatekeepers...

You have spoken a truth that I've known personally forba long time; empowerment is an INTRINSIC either have it in you, or you don't!

Now, for all intents and purposes, I have choice regarding my associations; truth be told, most people wouldn't give a rip if I quit posting on the DP after the period at the end of this post...but...this is where I choose to be, and, I still believe the cream will rise to the top in this movement.

We're still an unorganized bunch of individuals, who primarily share only the sentiment of heightened alarm; and as we can see, the GOP has zero intention of cutting spending or saving our Republic on principle; I suspect our sense of urgency has reached a fever pitch of absolute intolerance, whereas, the Liberty players and celebrity info-tainers can sound the trumpet that says "the time for talk is and once again, a sizeable majority in this movement will blow dwindling resources on another "march" or regional "pep rally", where they can meet(or confront) one of their idols in person and post it on Facebook or YouTube to say "I was there, I'm in the fight".

As much as I'd like to prepare and preach a message to the fence-sitters on some stage as large as that; I must restrain myself and plead from my keyboard, or self-record my passionate speeches; and work within my own back yard to promote the change I want to see.

This movement is, and will continue to choose it's "leadership", either deliberately, or by default(Alex Jones)...I would encourage the former, from an position of offense; sooner rather than later....because I not only detect the split, but I encourage it, and I strongly advise we earnestly contend for the priority and principles of our moral founding that earned us favor on God's eyes(to which He granted us our freedoms and enough government-defended Liberty to become the greatest testimony to the equation moral fortitude, moral courage, and willing adherence to His moral absolutes bring blessing to a society) verses today's contemporary, watered-down, corrupt mixture of tolerance and diversity with attitudes, behaviors, and words which are an abomination in His eyes.

There is, there WAS a standard in this Republic; and unless we are to resurrect it, in the face of ALL our enemies(searching out and marking those also who come to us as wolves in sheep's clothing); we can stop wasting our time and energy on this merely man-made movement, void of the wisdom and support of our Creator.

I'm staying right here; and if atheists and agnostics are offended, then, I mean to offend. It will be God-given Liberty we achieve, or the perpetuation of this counterfeit because we love money and creature comforts more than our fellow Americans suffering under this current tyranny, as well as, those Americans not yet born!

The world is watching, we're getting slaughtered still...we need God's wisdom, courage, and strength