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Comment: Analysis with an elastic measuring stick reveals little.

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Analysis with an elastic measuring stick reveals little.

The Fiat bubble popped in 2000, Priced in Gold:
GDP has lost 79% since 2001
DJI has lost 92% since 1999

Wages are at 1939 levels.
Household Net Worth at 1957 levels.
House prices are below 1890 levels.

Household Net Worth:
House Prices:

All the commodities paint a similar picture.

Our Currency(money) Supply roughly equals our National Debt. The Federal Reserve has created on average 9% phoney fiat money per year for 99 years. Doubling the money supply every 8 year or so. One has to give the Boyz credit for the greatest and longest swindle in history.

Four times they blew up a fiat bubble that popped: 1921, 1929, 1971 and 2000. Each time they gathered profits on the way up and assets on the way down. They are protected by Congressional regulations which created the perfect BORG creature for their patrons.

Or if you are a Fan of the original Star Trek, The Doomsday Machine.

Either way the message is the same. "All your base belong to us."

Free includes debt-free!