Comment: When will we learn....

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When will we learn....

There is one thing the Establishment fears more than Ron Paul, and that is Rand Paul...i.e. the ability to play politics, get dirty, build coalitions, and actually make change or win.

That's why IMHO that Ron Paul was left to himself...the MSM and PTB can always point and laugh at him as the crazy uncle who always said NO, no matter what, completely uncompromising on his principles.

Enter Rand Paul (or in this particular case Smack [I'm not saying Smack is comparable to Rand or Ron]). The MSM and PTB cannot simply relegate Rand as a rabble-rousing, uncompromising, fringe lunatic because he's more willing to play the game of politics and vote with his colleagues on issues where his father would have voted NO.

This doesn't mean Rand or Smack is compromising on their principles, it means that they're playing politics. Grow up people...please...for the sake of the movement...for the sake of Liberty.

Yes, be skeptical. Yes, do your homework. Yes, ask tough questions. Yes, challenge ourselves to be better promoters of liberty. But dammit, quit falling into the divide and conquer ploy being used against us!

We have to stay together. Not all of us agree on the best ways to promote liberty, and most in this forum would not consider running for office. Rand and Smack have chosen that route, and it requires a lot of different strategies than those required to post on internet forums or to protest in the streets.

One of the planks of the Just War Theory, which most here at the DP prescribe to, says that, "there must be serious prospects of success"...or in other words, don't wage wars which are unwinnable.

Please....for the love of all that is good, learn to recognize the lessons Sun Tzu spoke of in the Art of War...divide and conquer.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!