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Comment: The film leads off on a proven false premise

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The film leads off on a proven false premise

about the local police force working with federal authorities to investigate and charge people spreading incorrect data over social media. Ben Swann did that investigation into this and found that most people using this clip have left out an important sentence where they mention people are impersonating people either related to the alleged shooter or victims family members and that is a crime. So I'm only that far in and I had high hopes but with this clip right near the start, it puts a bad taste in my mouth.

I liked this video myself. Not as produced but has data that seems pretty solid.

I still am having trouble with the linking of the Phelps couple and some of the kids to that picasa family photo album from Arizona. I will admit they look similar but not similar enough for me. However, it is strange that they have that many people in the album that reasonably match up to some of the people in CT. That is pretty strange.

I do believe the misinformation, lack of reporting and the fact the investigation hasn't wrapped with an official report yet is all manufactured to create a lot of the division between truth seekers and sheeple so that they can finally present conclusive evidence (in the form of the front door video) or at least enough evidence that will silence 90% of the questions. This will grow the divide between the two groups even more and make the next false flag all the more difficult to open people up to.