Comment: What a bunch of smack!

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What a bunch of smack!

Let's break this down...

Smack Quote: "Chairman Priebus admitted that mistakes had been made in 2012"

My Response: Mistakes? Mistakes?? Mistakes???!!! How about outright fraud, deceit and treachery against the duly elected party members and constituents?

Smack Quote: "Chairman Priebus did, in fact, ask Chairman McDonald and myself (after the other dinner guests had departed after the end of the meal) if Nevada would be his third nominating state for RNC Chairman as a way to demonstrate unity and to help bridge the divide that has existed between the Nevada Republican Party and the RNC since the formation of Team Nevada last year."

My Response: There is no way he can know Priebus' intentions. Based on previous proven deceit is naive to trust a known liar.

Smack Quote: "It requires three states with two RNC members each in agreement to nominate any national officer. It was my understanding from Mark Willis that he still had nominations from only two states as of late Wednesday evening. In talking with RNC members in the states that might be still in play, I did not hear anything that led me to believe that Willis had any more than one RNC member from any of the other states willing to submit a nomination in his behalf.
This information convinced me that he wasn’t likely to be nominated after all."

My Response: Abstaining from the nomination vote with Willis approval would have been the prudent course of action.Let one of the other 48 states be his final supporters. Active support was wrong. Kissing the ring never works with these types.

Smack Quote:"I firmly believe that by my decision to join with Chairman McDonald and give my support to Chairman Priebus that I very likely advanced the cause of Liberty far more than the group of rogue delegates in Tampa who gained the Liberty movement nothing more than a black-eye and embarrassed the state of Nevada on national television."

My Response:Do you really believe that of your delegates? How insulting. Now you are kissing another part of Priebus anatomy. I am sure he reveling in getting you to do that.

Smack Quote:"Finally, Nevada Republicans who wish to be much more rebellious and stand solely on principle, even when that damages their ability to make real changes that will benefit their principles, can only do so when the NRP doesn’t have to continually worry about making ends meet and keeping the lights on. A party with no money has zero chance of influencing any decisions, because it will cease to exist, and those that support the party financially do so because they expect to see the party fighting for our core principles of limited government and individual liberty."

My Response: So, you believe that the only way to raise money is to kowtow to interests without principle? If this is just about money then we should just give up now...

Sad day for the hardworking grassroots of Nevada. It is too bad that a more diplomatic leader was not chosen when we won the ability to appoint one. Smack is out of his league and we are all along for the ride now on this.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.