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Comment: "Love" I think the word

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"Love" I think the word


I think the word "love" is overused. It's more about the actual feeling you feel inside you when you are with someone you really like. You may not feel you "love" them, but even liking them is just a lesser degree of love. It's still all love. But in our society we have been conditioned to hold off as long as possible to say those 3 magic word: I love you. By doing so we've pushed it out of a real possibility to understand it. I could totally say I love you for having this conversation with me without this heavy anxiety that you may not feel the same way. I've learned that it is MY experience that counts, and if you think this guy is some wacko telling you he loves you when he doesn't even know who you are and he himself is married, may not be very easily understood by today's standards.

Use your friends' experiences as sources of love to appreciate. Just for what it is even if you don't yet understand it yourself. And definitely don't TRY to understand it, just let it be in any form you encounter. Seeing cute cat or puppy pics induces a feeling of love within a person too. Eating a food you really like, travelling and seeing beautiful places, laughing with friends, listening to music you love, etc. The point is that love is abundant in so many other forms than just in a relationship and the more of a variety you experience, the more you will know "Love". Really pay attention to how it actually makes you FEEL emotionally because that is how we humans sense these energies in our being-ness. E-motion = Energy Motion.

We're ready to learn more of what love really is, beyond a word that makes others feel good to hear. There is so much Truth in the saying, "You cannot fully love someone until you Love yourself," likewise, you cannot make others truly happy unless you're happy. But people have it backwards that they need the other person to make them happy when that happiness is their OWN responsibility. You have to be selfish that way. Put your happiness, your own love, first and others in life will match it. If they don't match it, they will or they'll go away.


See, I think we ARE ready to understand consciousness more fully. And there is A LOT of science, like in this video, that explores it like never before. I thought that I would never understand all these concepts but I read one book, then a video, then an interview, then another book, and so on. I just let my own curiosity guide me to the next source of information. And once you really do let go of "trying" what I found is that things actually come to me instead at the perfect time. Trust me, there are a lot of shitty books out there, what you want is to read books that will resonate with your desire to learn something or even to escape to some imaginary land. Either way, you're reading what excites you or sparks your interest—again just varying degrees of "love".


After all I have learned so far, in just a few years time, is that everything is actually consciousness in varying forms. Rocks are consciousness just as much as we are. They have a consciousness field that forms their particles, atoms, molecules, etc., in an intelligent way that becomes granite, marble, silver or gold. We as well have an intelligent design in this field that forms the human body in a very precise way. But as I mentioned, we as humans are "self aware consciousness" expressions. So while others look for some bearded man in the sky, the Truth is right under our nose, god is in your reflection, God IS your image. We all are, and that's where I see us going in the next few years. I see this becoming more and more known and understood. It doesn't mean we begin to think we can shoot lightening bolts from our hands like the fairytales we're taught to blind us from a much simpler Truth: We and everything are ONE, expressed uniquely. My brain can compute that much.

Even after all the learning I've done I still fall into the ego's "I'm a solid object" way of thinking, but more and more the realization that my entire being is just consciousness sinks in a little deeper and I feel more and more at peace… and in love.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin