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Comment: +1 for the 1 of the most geniune conversations Ive had here

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+1 for the 1 of the most geniune conversations Ive had here

This is great. I have been thinking about this video and conversation even when I am not here on the DP. Love is one of the world's mysteries, and I do believe that one day I might understand it better. I have also loved having this conversation and I love that you never CAPPED OUT on me or said I was being ridiculous. There is love in this world outside of the romantic sense of the word and I understand that kind of love, so maybe the other kind of love is just not something I have experienced yet.

Wow.... maybe I do understand what my friends mean when they say "if you don't know you're not in love"


Consciousness. Maybe we do try to hard and make it more complicated than it needs to be. Maybe it simply just is, and we need to accept that.

I will keep my open for your posts because this was so much fun and I look forward to having a meaningful exchange like this again soon.