Comment: This is obvious. In general,

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This is obvious. In general,

This is obvious. In general, men who do the chores have lost control in the relationship to their wives. In general, once a woman feels like she is in control of the relationship, the man who she is in control of loses his sex-appeal. Hence she will not desire to have sex with him, she may even make excuses like "I've never really liked sex" or "women don't think about sex like men do", etc.

I am willing to bet that most of these women in these scenarios are having extramarital affairs and the husband doesn't even think twice about it. If your wife/girlfriend isn't having sex with you regularly then she is likely having it with someone else regularly.

This is actually a very important topic and is related to Liberty. If men are not holding the dominant position in their relationships they are probably less likely to stand-up against corruption. This is why rulers over the centuries have attempted to set women above men in society and why you wee the various push to emasculate the men in our society and around the world.

Don't shoot the messenger.