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Comment: I will harvest my first crop (ever) of beetroot in a few weeks

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I will harvest my first crop (ever) of beetroot in a few weeks

Tisha, I thoroughly enjoy happy coincidences. Your extraordinary post comes to my attention as I await the final ripening of my beetroot plants. I take this as an omen that I must make some Beet Kvass from my harvest.

I am building a permaculture farm on a Mediterranean island. After collecting my livestock over the last few years, I have moved our operation (last September) to a marvelous new location.

Now, I can build and plant the gardens and grove components. I managed to prepare and seed a small (approximately 30 square meter) raised bed in time for our winter growing season. Beets are a part of the polyculture mix and are doing great.

You are so right about the "Fun" part. I have never had more. And, I am an old man.

BTW, beets first appeared here --In Egypt, Greece and the eastern islands in the late B.C. centuries. Aristotle mentioned the beetroot in his writings.