Comment: If it were not so tragic in lives lost, it would be humerous...

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If it were not so tragic in lives lost, it would be humerous...

Wow... the best recent narrative of exactly how the GOP sweep of the US House in 1994 resulted in a hodgepodge of congressmen who became within 10 years exactly what they had campaigned against! They all had well worded reasons why sacrificing principle in voting was gaining smaller government... liberty... freedom... re-election... more rhetoric, more rhetoric, more rhetoric...

and freedom waned,
the White House stained,
bombs rained,
corruption and theft ingrained.

Not a single Statesman among them but Ron Paul...

The one patriot among the many would-Be's, the only one who voted NO, and voted thus knowing full well he would receive nothing in return, that he be slandered, spit upon, vilified, and demeaned.

Yet he alone gained the truest respect ever afforded a member of the house, likely in our history!

He alone walked the only path through which liberty would be truly seen for what it is, as well as demonstrated what great sacrifice is required to gain it's blessings.

So, here we see compromise in the face of greater numbers, in the face of feeble promises and promised joy, but a complete lack of understanding of that greatest liberty principle:

He who fears being out-numbered in the result, who cowers at division in hope of support, thinks the word of the enemies of freedom and constitution worth laying aside for the lonely principle, who has not faith in the rock of principle wooing it's own recruits on it's own merit... in essence seeks a little safety in hope of gain, and will receive neither!

In politics it is the height of naivete.

In life and liberty, it can give time, life, property, wealth, all to the tyrants.

Resolve to stand firm though you vote alone. In so doing you will gain the greatest number of grassroots for liberty.

The people shun the party because it is full of rhetoric, cliches, and compromise.

My motto:

A principled America above all party, and all America will come to your party!