Comment: I don't buy it.

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I don't buy it.

"According to a 2012 study by the Pew Research Center, only 29 percent of Latinos view protecting gun ownership rights as very important, compared to 57 percent of whites."


"A 2011 survey by Lake Research for the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition found that 86 percent of Latinos support mandating a background check for all gun buyers."

How many people were actually surveyed? And the survey was done by whom? I don't trust that coalition and I certainly don't trust the msm.

First they were used as the main scapegoats for the dwindling jobs that they were stealing from Americans. Now this?

From personal experience (this country & abroad) I have only met ONE Latino woman who was anti-gun. Everyone else was pro-gun. I'll tell you something else too, for the most part, if they don't agree with the law, then they won't follow it(as I don't have to tell you). Many own guns where it is illegal in their country to own and where it is common place to give money to a cop to look the other way.

Now that's just from personal experience. But I will tell you that throughout history, it's very common for a government to look for scapegoats, direct the anger and blame away from them and towards a certain group, and ultimately divide.

I can quickly see this turning in to a "no amnesty for the illegals that want to take your guns away, now don't be hypocrites and show them how to be upstanding citizens by following the law and registering/handing over your guns". I hope this country doesn't fall for it again. Fool me once.....